A Private Message to Investors in Residential Real Estate…

“The notes you posted on how to write an LOI
were invaluable to me and I have them
printed out here on my desk.”

- Elizabeth Laird, Real Estate Loan Officer and 25 year industry veteran, Cobalt Financial

At your finger tips, I will show you:

  • How to assure you receive a fair appraisal,
  • Tools to create investor ready financial documents and facts,
  • A quick project estimator to instantly determine initial investment viability,
  • Secrets to safe investing tactics,
  • How to access and develop investor partners,
  • A step by step road map to successful investment planning and closing, and
  • MANY MORE must have tips and tools for identifying and closing successful investment deals…

Residential Investor Superstar and IRREIA Member,

Hey, I know it's tough out there...

The loss of trillions of dollars of real estate wealth makes it a buyers’ market – putting power in YOUR hands as an investor IF you have cash and IF you have the skills and experience to close the deal. You’ve probably already experienced how tough getting the cash and closing the deal can be.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way – especially if you are considering a residential investment.

Right now, residential including multifamily is the ONLY place where the agencies and the federal government are making loans happen. And with the dramatic drop in values and the market shift toward renting, smart investors are positioned better than ever to close cash flowing investments.

Sellers need you.

As a residential real estate investor, you will enjoy

•  Cash Flow – rental properties selected and managed correctly produce consistent revenue each month.

•  Asset Growth – residential investment property produces consistent asset growth as monthly loan payments steadily decrease outstanding debt balances.

•  Tax Write Offs – You will be able to write off a wide range of expenses that otherwise would come from ordinary income increasing your take home cash every month.

•  Increased Financial Independence – As you accumulate assets your dependence on a job or other business income will decrease as you gain increasing capacity to produce ongoing passive income.

•  Great New Partners, Friends, and Associates – Investors are a cut above many groups. You will have the opportunity to spend your time with people who understand business, politics, and community at a higher level than most others.

•  More Stuff – Your investment requires the right tools. You will consistently have better equipment, news sources, and information giving you an advantage in every area of your life.

•  Lots of Fun – Imagine spending your time seeing communities, properties, homes, and more in ways you never imagined before. Knowing where new development is coming. Understanding crime trends. Recognizing the demographic changes occurring around you and the economic and social implications of those changes.

In a moment, I will show you how to secure the knowledge, tools, and information needed to expand your economic resources, create wealth, and produce day-to-day cash flow for a better life. Although, the path isn’t easy and the challenges are many, you will have an unfair advantage of an insider who understands the system, has the partners, and the resources to take advantage of the rules of the game…

But first,

Imagine selecting a great investment project at the location you are seeking, for the price you are seeking and at the terms you are seeking.

…Creating the perfect business plan to promote the project to investors and lenders.

… Quickly developing an executive summary that highlights the strengths of the investment.

… Delivering your due diligence results to the investor(s), lender or bank of your choice and quickly getting capital and loan terms.

… Setting a closing date, collecting investment deposits and completing an ontime closing.

…Achieving super returns and equity accumulation.

This isn't too good to be true.

The IRREIA provides proven tools, advice, templates, and information to accomplish exactly this. In fact, the results are so predictable I forget how powerful the system is.

Better yet,

Imagine Yourself Considering a New Investment –

Now, see the picture of you knowing exactly what to do preparing your investment project for investors, lenders, and closing. Don't worry about “trick questions” because you'll have the best processes, procedures at your finger tips and ready to go.

Then the coup de' grace – at just the right moment, you take your investors and lenders through your pre-closing, closing, and post closing plans showing how you’ll hit the ground running

Amazing right?

Again, this is routine for the professionals who invest in what I'm about to show you...

My name is Blake Ratcliff and I am 25 year veteran business executive. I’ve been a member of the management team of dozens of new investments. I’ve been the principal in the purchase of hundreds of units over much of the Southeastern United States. I’ve screened hundreds of properties for every property I chose to purchase and then closed. As a principal, my job is identify the right property, put together a great plan, close the purchase, and operate for properties.

• In case after case, the processes and techniques used reduced deal costs.

• In situation after situation rents rose dramatically – 20%, 30%, even 80% in some cases.

I've been there done that. I know what works. I know how to find the right property, get a contract negotiated and agreed, find financing, close the purchase and operate successfully.

Today, I focus on helping investors put these same techniques to work for their own wealth building goals.


"Blake is a magician ferreting out great deals, creating great investment plans, and turning them into investor cash."

Steve Brady – Evanston Financial Lending Broker
and 30 year industry veteran


Here's the deal:

Residential Real Estate Investing is a complex and demanding effort. There are no financial tablesquick easy fixes. Regardless of how experienced you may be as an investor, you must work overtime making sure you have the right tools, right support, right information, and the right plan.

Because of this, I’ve created the IRREIA

The association has or will have everything you need to find the deals, meet other investor and lender requirements, close the deal, and make cash – passive income month-after-month and year after year.

This is a comprehensive site. You can either find what you need here or a partner to the site will provide clear crisp answers that will send you successfully on your way. It's that easy.

IRREIA is a source for information resources and people resources to make investing simple and rewarding.

Nothing has been left to chance – Here's what you'll get:

  • Tools – the very best tools are available or being developed with the help of real industry experts.

  • Templates – save hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars by starting with well written document boiler plate on which you can build what you need.
  • Market Information – learn the market facts from investors and companies with access and proven ability to develop the details you need for good market information.
  • Key Industry Websites – Rely on others experience to focus you on the best sources of data.
  • Property Operating Tips – You’ve never managed tenants. Don’t worry about it your surrounded by the best in the business and with good information you’ll make wise choices.
  • Partners – The IRREIA is assembling partners and vendor resources for all key areas of the investment process – appraisers, engineers, lenders, investors, surveyors, brokers, and on and on.
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  • Webinars by Industry Pros – Enjoy an ongoing stream of webinars and video recordings to help inform you investing decisions and feed your investing information needs. Our weekly market report video is one example… you won’t want to miss a single video. In two minutes or less stay on top of critical market info for great returns… or to avoid disasters…
  • Sample Business Plans – Use business plans based on decades of plan writing experience and put your best face to your investors and lenders.
  • Sample Market Studies – Take advantage of others market research to build even better studies for your own investments.
  • Much More – daily blogs on many operating and investing topics, new information, tools, networking opportunities almost daily.

Plus, the IRREIA will show you how to put together super business plans, financial documents, and prepare a complete successful closing package.

Coming Soon!!! The 6 – 12 – 60 Month plan

Often times, investors become stymied by all the hurdles they have to overcome. The 180 – 360 – 5 Year – 3 Steps to Freedom Plan provides a fool proof way to march on to Residential Investing Success.

Why is the 6 – 12 - 60 month plan so effective?

  • The system requires you to lay a firm, secure foundation built on proven preparation, facts, and risk management processes.
  • The approach demonstrates discipline, effective organization and good planning to investors and lenders.
  • The plan transforms your investor and lender discussions by giving you command of the situation.
  • You gain the advantage building effective investor relationships by re-leveling the playing field in your favor.
  • You will be anticipating investor and lender actions and meeting the question before it’s posed.
  • Clearly, you aren’t developing everything from the ground up. You are finding opportunities, developing plans, closing deals, achieving returns based on preparation and not on reaction or luck.

You won't have to create a 30/60/90 Plan from scratch. I've already created 3 samples – all you need to do is follow my lead.

You have everything you need to blow the socks of any hiring manager.


Let's Stack the Deck and Guarantee that You Achieve Your Investment Goal…

The association succeeds when you close and operate successful deals. Designed by investors for investors, we MUST give you a few secret weapons that will make it almost impossible to fail. By the way, these are free for you to keep -


Bonus #1

"Identifying a Good Deal"

Let me show you how to find a winner and more importantly, how to avoid a lemon.

  • Learn secrets to negotiate big deal price savings!
  • Protect your asset with the neighbor research tips!
  • Earn deal winning returns with these project tips!

(Sold Now for $17 - Yours FREE)


Bonus #2

"Getting the Right Price (or terms)"

OK. You’ve found a “good deal” how do you get the right terms and avoid terms that kill you later. Our deal closing tips can save your credit, make you real cash, and maybe save your skin:

  • Save cash at closing with these tips!
  • Negotiate terms to increase your value later!
  • Avoid these pitfalls and protect your new asset!

(Sold Now for $17 - Yours FREE)


Bonus #3

"You Bought It… Now What"

Getting the deal is nice… but money is made by what happens afterwards and the plans you made before. How do you protect your investment and achieve return goals?

Our asset protecting revenue boosting secrets are a must have!

  • How to drive down expense.
  • Where to work to reduce asset risk.
  • Secret tips for new revenue.

(Sold Now for $17 - Yours FREE)

I've Seen Enough...sign me up for the Association NOW

I'm sure you'd agree that having all this information and guidance at your fingertips will give you the unfair advantage as you seek, close and operate your next investment.

In fact, here's what another one of my partners has said about our support and work:

“This site is packed with information that will save you thousands while making completing an investment many times easier.”

Ok, IRREIA I need you as a partner building my residential real estate portfolio – What will this cost me?

So just think about how much it’s costing you not to get started or accelerating building your portfolio.

You are losing potentially thousands of dollars of portfolio income.

You are giving up financial freedom.

You are losing the satisfaction of providing good homes to people who need them.

You may be letting retirement security slip through your fingers.

Can you afford to give up personal wealth?

  • $10,000?
  • $20,000?
  • $100,000?
  • More?

Given how much is at stake, you can't afford to waste any time without having every possible advantage.

That's why we've made the price of IRREIA membership just $14.95 per month or $150 per year for now (the price increases to $30 per month once all charter member openings are filled), which I'm sure you'd agree is a reasonable amount for the kind of advantage you'll have once you put it to use.

I've Seen Enough...sign me up for the Association NOW

Plus, we are willing to stand behind our word with the strongest guarantee on the Internet …

"Iron Clad 365 Day
Money Back Guarantee"

We are never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here is our simple 'no small print' guarantee. Try membership in the International Residential Real Estate Investors Association (IRREIA) and put it through the wringer. Try every tool, template, strategy, tactic, and technique included in our system as many times as you like - listen to the audio coaching over and over and over again.

You be the judge. If it doesn't deliver everything that I have promised, or if you are unhappy with it for any reason at all, we will refund every penny… No questions asked.

We have no problem whatsoever making this seemingly crazy guarantee, since I've worked with dozens of properties using these same tactics -- I KNOW they work. Fair enough?

"You have my personal guarantee"

Blake Ratcliff
The Real Estate Investor and IRREIA

Go ahead and put IRREIA membership to the test today. If it doesn't provide everything I say it will, just let me know and I'll refund your entire investment immediately. No questions asked.

Of course, I can't guarantee that, no matter who you are, that you'll succeed closing your very first investment project. We both know that only a truly dedicated investor will can complete a successful investment these days. And no amount of insider information can give you the drive and passion to succeed.

But I do guarantee  that when you put my system to use you will have the  unfair advantage  over your colleagues. You undoubtedly will have the best shot of anyone at getting the next project you decide is right for you.

Super Limited Time - Super Bonus

For a very limited time I am offering a very special bonus for the next 100 new premium members.

Join the IRREIA today and I will include two month’s free membership to the Real Deal Investment Club (RDIC) online and to the IRREIA, an additional $120.00 value. AFTER THESE 100 MEMBERS THIS BONUS OFFER IS OVER!

To find out why the RDIC is so important, I’ve included a FREE podcast explaining why! Click the controls below to listen.

You are going to enjoy the membership advantage of both developing and achieving your investor goals.

The combined membership will give you:

  • Tools for planning investments.
  • Tips to help secure your investments.
  • Networking and webinars introducing you to potential partners, investment advisors, and other valuable support.
  • Skilled experts in every area of the investment.
  • Get my top ten tips for interview preparation that will make sure that once you get an interview you are prepared to do your very best.

The 2 months free membership to the IRREIA and RDIC is a $120 value but they are included FREE by joining now.

Sign me up for the Association NOW!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the button below to get started immediately.

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Wishing you investing success…

peggy signature
Blake D. Ratcliff
The Real Estate Investor

P.S . – The market is down. Rebuilding assets and cash flow is on all of our minds. Now is the time to make your residential investing plans a reality. Build on the solid foundation of a team of investors with decades of investment experience. This is the only resource on the Internet that is dedicated to providing clear detailed investment resources that you can convert into successful completed residential investment projects. Join IRREIA and get ahead.


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